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A dance workshop that started out in the basement of a Chicago home grew into a popular dance studio. This is the story of Bhagya Nagesh, Founder & Artistic Director at Bollywood Rhythms.  An engineer by training, Bhagya’s passion for dance motivated her to start teaching dance to kids of her friends and neighbors. Her students performed at local events and won accolades, creating a buzz and more requests for dance lessons. A venture that was just an outlet for Bhagya’s creativity developed into a respected dance establishment. 

 Bollywood Rhythms presents glimpses of culture under a single roof. They offer a plethora of dance lessons including Bollywood, folk, and free style. Bhagya believes in the philosophy of organic growth and learning from others. Bollywood Rhythms has tied up with other activity providers that use the studio space to offer unique classes including Oriental / Chinese style of dancing and Madhubani form of painting. Not just lessons you will find costume rentals for dance performances, birthday party packages, and studio rentals for special occasions at Bollywood Rhythms.

As with other business there were challenges. Creating a structured business and handling the day to day operations was initially a gargantuan task before they were outsourced to a local company. An enterprising individual, Bhagya, designs dance costumes in-house after facing major hurdles in sourcing them for her student’s performances. A creative individual with a no-nonsense attitude, Bhagya, encourages her students to perform to the best of their potential, have confidence in themselves, and never stop learning. 

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