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Momtrepreneur & cool board game inventor

A UI / UX designer by profession who went on to create a non-fiction board game, Brave Champs; meet local Naperville Mom Niketa Jhaveri.

Niketa’s journey from a salaried employee to owning her own business is a fascinating read. What started out as a game of questions played with her kids evolved into a full-fledged board game teaching kids about different professions. Belonging to a family of entrepreneurs Niketa was introduced to the world of business at a young age but starting a venture on her own was still a daunting task. With the support of her family and unshakable faith in herself, Niketa, surmounted all hurdles in her way, to realize her dream.  A creative person by nature the concept and design of the game came naturally to her, manufacturing it, was the challenge. Dedicated market research, a failed prototype, and a few sleepless nights later, she emerged victorious with Brave Champs. Brave Champs, an educational board game that showcases real life community champions, is garnering rave reviews from parents, retailers, and kids alike.

Her biggest achievement and encouragement is the excitement with which kids play Brave Champs. A belief that she is contributing towards building a strong foundation for future learning with her educational board game motivates her to do more. She is already working on a prototype for Brave Champs edition 2 .
A busy mom of two, she believes in giving her 100% to everything she does, be it her family, her business, or to the community.
Niketa’s advice to fellow entrepreneurs is - do your due diligence, stay firm on your beliefs, and with determination move ahead in your journey.


Naperville today wishes Niketa Jhaveri and Brave Champs continued success. Looking forward to Brave Champs 2!!!

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