A place where people of different cultures live
That is a place called Naperviile
A place with lots of parks and lakes
A place where friendship is easy to make
If you need to catch up with friends and talk
If you want to take a leisurely walk
There is no better place than our riverwalk
It is a quiet and quaint town
With a beautiful downtown
Surrounded with restaurants and shops
Filled with amazing gifts and goodies from bottom to top!
A place where kids feel safe to play
What more can I say !
A place where you would forever want to stay.
Be it Naperville north or south
This town is surely the best, of this there is no doubt

Naperville Public Library Featured

Something for everyone – seems to be the norm at Naperville Public Library (NPL).

There are three locations for NPL: 95th street Library, Nichols Library, and Naper Boulevard.

A plethora of services are offered at these locations including children and teen services, job search workshops, to rooms for study groups, and meetings. All three libraries are a veritable treasure trove of books, DVD collections, audio books, and eBooks. A busy patron can access the library’s catalog via the Downloables section and borrow materials from a home computer, laptop, or smartphone devices. The staff is knowledgeable, and helpful not to mention the long hours the facility is open for and convenience of locations.

Libraries house books and media is the common perception but Naperville Public Library does that and more. Do you have a fantastic business idea but need help writing a business plan? Head to the Nichols Library on Jefferson. The library in conjunction with City of Naperville and Naperville Development Partnership has created NaperLaunch business start-up center, a business focused initiative, to encourage Entrepreneurs. Workshops, resources, networking opportunities, you will find them all at NaperLaunch.

Are you a student or a Naperville library card holder looking to polish your Adobe Photoshop / Programming / Website creation skills, but don't have the requisite software? The Idea Lab located on 95th street Library is your answer. They even have 3D and other printing choices available, plus the staff is on hand to help you out. 

NPL truly stands by its mission to - Inspire , Imagine, Inform.

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