A place where people of different cultures live
That is a place called Naperviile
A place with lots of parks and lakes
A place where friendship is easy to make
If you need to catch up with friends and talk
If you want to take a leisurely walk
There is no better place than our riverwalk
It is a quiet and quaint town
With a beautiful downtown
Surrounded with restaurants and shops
Filled with amazing gifts and goodies from bottom to top!
A place where kids feel safe to play
What more can I say !
A place where you would forever want to stay.
Be it Naperville north or south
This town is surely the best, of this there is no doubt


Naperville.today is an endeavor to promote all things Naperville!! Our aim is to showcase all flavors of this vibrant and dynamic city by curating and promoting all services and businesses that make Naperville the best place to live and to love. Readers of Naperville. today will find a goldmine of information from events to products, and services, complete with reviews, directions, and links, all with a single click of a mouse (we mean the computer kind ). Every type of business you can imagine, every type of food you can imagine, every activity you can imagine...we have got it all in and around Naperville!
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