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The Philosophy at Rhythmax is to challenge each individual to reach their highest potential by finding the right mix of dance, fitness, and core strength.  They strive to help every member realize their goals of ultimate fitness through dancefit, core strength and creating total synergies.  

The studio is inspired by the positive power of dance. They are inspired by the movements,beats and rhythms of around the world and their dancefitness and fusion forms melt borders and crosses cultures. They draw their energy and passion from the spirit of Bollywood dance and fuse with Latin, HipHop and beats of the world.

This dance fitness studios incorporates elements of dance, fitness, grooving to world music, and pulsating music for that perfect dance workout. Regulars at Rhythmax keep going back for more simply because - it's fun to workout at Rhythmax.  

Discover your passion, your strength, your enthusiasm and energy in Rhythmax. 


Once a week - $50/month
Twice a week - $75/month
Unlimited Classes- $90/month
Individual Classes - $15/class
15 Class Pass - $120 (Valid for 90 days)
Student Saver -$ 50/month (unlimited)
(High School/College)

Phone: 630-803-2551

For hours, schedule, new member specials and all other information, visit their website: http://www.rhythmaxdance.com

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