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If you find yourself craving some really good fusion Tacos, you must head to Fire It Up!
Its a small restaurant with around 10 tables - modern yet simple and comfortable. 
Fire It Up is a Hole in the wall kinda place. You'd almost miss it while driving on North Aurora Road.
But once inside, you'll surely be charmed by their edgy concept of fun, high-energy rock music coupled with fresh, homemade, quality food and drinks.
They have a limited menu but they serve high quality food and are priced reasonably. The food is incredible with some good vegetarian options.They also serve some good local craft beers.
The first time I was there, I tried the ShrimpTaco and Portabello Taco and loved both. On my next visit I tried the Southwest Chicken Taco and Veggie Taco and they were both so full of flavor. For starters, the Parmesan coated chips & Guac and the Shrimp Wontons won't disappoint.
I haven't tried their "Mini Brownie Chimichangas" dessert but I've heard it's exceptional!
All in all, Fire It Up is a great Taco Fusion dining experience. You will want to come back for more for sure!!
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