Imagine the option to have a Fresh Wholesome Dinner, Made Daily by Local Chefs Delivered to your home or office!

Experience Fresh, Wholesome Made from Scratch Dinners Delivered Daily!  Locally based Meal Village is the new solution for busy parents, professionals and just about everybody that eats dinner.   Early each morning the talented Meal Village Chefs begin cleaning, chopping, cutting and cooking with the finest raw ingredients available to build your dinner from scratch.  Dinners are then chilled, packaged and delivered directly to your door fully prepared and ready to heat and eat in just moments.   Our menu changes every day to showcase new tasty and nourishing meals ensuring there always great choices available!  

Order Online at Meal Village or download that app for easy ordering on the go! 

Order up to 5 days in Advance of up until 5pm for Same Day Dinner Deliver


Naperville is a thriving community that encourages entrepreneurs to realize their dreams; one among them is Sapna Sibu. Owner and Chef-in-Chief at Roche Treats, baking is a passion for Sapna. A perfectionist by nature, Sapna’s cakes are mouthwateringly delicious and elegantly adorned.  

Sapna’s childhood baking sessions with her Mom has been a guiding influence in her life. A Master of Science graduate, Sapna is a self-taught baker. Like all businesses Sapna faced a few challenges initially but the support of her family and friends encouraged her to overcome these tough times. Sapna’s interest in Photography helps her create visually beautiful cakes and decorations. The amalgam of science, creativity, and art has helped this passionate Baker carve a niche for herself in her chosen profession. Located in downtown Naperville Roche Treats is a must try!

A little dash of sweet, sprinkling of love, some science, and lots of creativity = Roche Treats.

For kids aged 6+ and adults who are interested in baking check out Roche Treats for classes and workshops. Roche Treats also organizes custom birthday parties complete with themes and decorations.


A dance workshop that started out in the basement of a Chicago home grew into a popular dance studio. This is the story of Bhagya Nagesh, Founder & Artistic Director at Bollywood Rhythms.  An engineer by training, Bhagya’s passion for dance motivated her to start teaching dance to kids of her friends and neighbors. Her students performed at local events and won accolades, creating a buzz and more requests for dance lessons. A venture that was just an outlet for Bhagya’s creativity developed into a respected dance establishment. 

 Bollywood Rhythms presents glimpses of culture under a single roof. They offer a plethora of dance lessons including Bollywood, folk, and free style. Bhagya believes in the philosophy of organic growth and learning from others. Bollywood Rhythms has tied up with other activity providers that use the studio space to offer unique classes including Oriental / Chinese style of dancing and Madhubani form of painting. Not just lessons you will find costume rentals for dance performances, birthday party packages, and studio rentals for special occasions at Bollywood Rhythms.

As with other business there were challenges. Creating a structured business and handling the day to day operations was initially a gargantuan task before they were outsourced to a local company. An enterprising individual, Bhagya, designs dance costumes in-house after facing major hurdles in sourcing them for her student’s performances. A creative individual with a no-nonsense attitude, Bhagya, encourages her students to perform to the best of their potential, have confidence in themselves, and never stop learning. 

For more information please visit: 




A UI / UX designer by profession who went on to create a non-fiction board game, Brave Champs; meet local Naperville Mom Niketa Jhaveri.

Niketa’s journey from a salaried employee to owning her own business is a fascinating read. What started out as a game of questions played with her kids evolved into a full-fledged board game teaching kids about different professions. Belonging to a family of entrepreneurs Niketa was introduced to the world of business at a young age but starting a venture on her own was still a daunting task. With the support of her family and unshakable faith in herself, Niketa, surmounted all hurdles in her way, to realize her dream.  A creative person by nature the concept and design of the game came naturally to her, manufacturing it, was the challenge. Dedicated market research, a failed prototype, and a few sleepless nights later, she emerged victorious with Brave Champs. Brave Champs, an educational board game that showcases real life community champions, is garnering rave reviews from parents, retailers, and kids alike.

Her biggest achievement and encouragement is the excitement with which kids play Brave Champs. A belief that she is contributing towards building a strong foundation for future learning with her educational board game motivates her to do more. She is already working on a prototype for Brave Champs edition 2 .
A busy mom of two, she believes in giving her 100% to everything she does, be it her family, her business, or to the community.
Niketa’s advice to fellow entrepreneurs is - do your due diligence, stay firm on your beliefs, and with determination move ahead in your journey.


Naperville today wishes Niketa Jhaveri and Brave Champs continued success. Looking forward to Brave Champs 2!!!


Creative, entrepreneurial, and a loving mom – best describes Pallavi Warty Divekar, a Mary Kay consultant and makeup artist.

 Growing up, Pallavi, liked all things creative and was attracted to the glitz and glamour of the film industry in India. But life took her in a different direction, into the world of Information Technology. For a decade she worked with reputed IT giants holding management positions before moving to the United States. Marriage and motherhood beckoned and she took a break from her professional life to build a family. Time passed by as she played the roles of wife and mother while her inner artist took a backseat. A chance meeting at a dentist’s office with another Mary Kay consultant gave her the idea of becoming a makeup consultant, providing an outlet for her creativity. There has been no looking back since then as she found her calling.

Being passionate about her craft, Pallavi offers valuable tips on the best use of Mary Kay products that she retails along with complimentary makeover sessions. At these sessions she works with her clients to pick the right makeup color palette based on their needs.  Each makeover session is treated with the same care and love as a painter would his/ her muse.

Like every other business owner there were challenges in Pallavi's journey but she held strong to her beliefs and confidence. Her support system, her family, helped her tide over the tough times. What keeps her going is the satisfaction that she has helped her clients feel confident about themselves. A bright smile on their faces, a spring in their step, and satisfaction about their appearance is reward enough for Pallavi.

Naperville today wishes the best to Pallavi in her life and career and hope she gets to realize her dreams of being an actor someday!!!!!



If you find yourself craving some really good fusion Tacos, you must head to Fire It Up!
Its a small restaurant with around 10 tables - modern yet simple and comfortable. 
Fire It Up is a Hole in the wall kinda place. You'd almost miss it while driving on North Aurora Road.
But once inside, you'll surely be charmed by their edgy concept of fun, high-energy rock music coupled with fresh, homemade, quality food and drinks.
They have a limited menu but they serve high quality food and are priced reasonably. The food is incredible with some good vegetarian options.They also serve some good local craft beers.
The first time I was there, I tried the ShrimpTaco and Portabello Taco and loved both. On my next visit I tried the Southwest Chicken Taco and Veggie Taco and they were both so full of flavor. For starters, the Parmesan coated chips & Guac and the Shrimp Wontons won't disappoint.
I haven't tried their "Mini Brownie Chimichangas" dessert but I've heard it's exceptional!
All in all, Fire It Up is a great Taco Fusion dining experience. You will want to come back for more for sure!!
If you are looking for authentic Mexican food at affordable price, this is the place!
Totopos is a Mexican restaurant with special emphasis on homemade mexican cuisine. Its truly a hidden gem in Naperville. 
The sign inside says it all: "This is NOT fast food, the food is well worth the wait."  Totopos is authentic Mexican food made fresh to order.  
(Insider tip the tamales are made fresh on Tuesdays).   
Totopos also offers many vegetarian options which is quite rare in Mexican restaurants. Usually the vegetarians are stuck with lettuce, cheese and grilled vegetables, but Totopos offers delicious fake meat options. They substitute meat for soy. 
The woman who took my order (I believe she's the owner) was very friendly. She even made small talk while I was deciding what to order. She definitely made me feel welcome.The prices and friendly faces are enough to keep me coming back to try new items.
The only downside is that the dining room is mostly set up to be carry out  - there are only 3 tables inside. 
But as they say, the best things do come in small packages!

Doctors Immediate Care

Address : 1120 E Ogden Avenue. Naperville IL. 60563.

Phone  : 630- 596- 5151 

Hours  : Mon - Fri: 9 am - 9 pm | Sat & Sun : 10 am : 6 pm 


Doctors Immediate Care

Address : 1301 S Rte 59, 107. Naperville IL. 60564.

Phone  : 630- 236- 0900 

Hours  : Mon - Fri: 9 am - 9 pm | Sat & Sun : 10 am : 6 pm 



Address : 63 W 87th Street. Naperville , IL. 60565

Phone  : 630- 778- 7645 

Hours  : Mon - Fri: 8 am - 7.30 pm | Sat & Sun : 9 am : 4.30 pm 

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