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Welcome to the “Home of the Unlimited Token”!  Tired of dumping $20 into the token machine only to have your kids out of tokens in 5 minutes?  That won’t happen at Fore!  For one price your kids can have unlimited tokens for :30 or :60 minutes.  How can this deal get any better?  PARENTS PLAY GAMES FREE with purchase of child’s unlimited tokens!!  Fore! Family Fun believes the parents deserve to have fun too! 
The 4,000 square foot arcade is like nothing you have ever seen.   During your visit you will come in contact with killer whales, dolphins, tropical fish, turtles, leopards, monkeys, and much more.  Any way you slice it, Fore! Family Fun’s arcade has something for everybody.  

Unlimited Token Pricing

1 Hour
$12 per child (400 ticket redemption)
$20 per child (unlimited ticket redemption)

:30 Minutes

$8 per child (150 ticket redemption)
$15 child (unlimited ticket redemption)

 Unlimited Token Rules

1. Parents play FREE!! ( with purchase of child s unlimited token package)
2. Parents may play as many non-ticket redemption games as they
like during their child’s time by using their child’s tokens
3. Loading credits on any game is strictly prohibited (each token
must be played before putting in another token)
4. Parents may help children play redemption games but parent &
child must be playing that game together
5. All tickets may not be redeemed, now or at a later date, unless
you purchase the unlimited ticket package. Children may redeem
the maximum allowable tickets according to package purchased
6. You may not share tokens with any person that does not have an
unlimited token wristband
7. You may purchase additional tickets for $.01 per ticket when
redeeming prizes
8. Any violation of above rules will end your token time immediately
with no refund

Bounce House

Their jump room includes 2 bounce houses and a giant 16’ slide.  Let your kids work off that extra energy in their private jump room.  If you host a birthday party at Fore! Family Fun the jump room will be all yours for 40 minutes.  You don’t have to worry about sharing bounce houses with other birthday parties when you choose Fore! Family Fun.  Don’t have a birthday party coming up?  Have your kids enjoy our bounce room by booking a “family night out” package or call for other available open jump times. Open bounce not available during birthday parties.

Open Bounce is $5 per child.

Black light Mini Golf
You won’t believe your eyes when you enter their black light mini golf course. During your round you will encounter many different challenges including gorillas, leopards, dinosaurs, and sunken ships. Playing on their mini golf course will provide great fun for the entire family. After you tamed the Pterodactyl at the famed 18th hole it will be time to head home….or go around again!!

Mini golf is $8 for adults, $7 for ages 7-12, $6 for ages 4-6, & free for 3 and under with paid admission.

Mini Bowling Lanes
Don’t hassle with bowling shoes or old boring bowling lanes.  The jungle themed mini bowling lanes at Fore! will challenge you and provide some great fun for the entire family.  With a small bowling ball mini bowling is perfect for kids of all ages.  Come out to roll a game today but make sure not to disturb the leopard.

 Mini bowling is $3 per game.

Birthday Party Packages

May the Fore!ce Be With You Party 

Are your kids interested in joining the ancient order and learning the ways of the Fore!ce? The ancient warriors will test the skills of your party to see if they have what it takes.  Children will hone their skills using a blaster and learn the ancient art of the laser sword.   Children will use their blasters to defeat an Imperial guard and test their laser sword skills against the leader of the Empire.

After your party guests have defeated the Empire they can fill up on pizza and cake to re-energize before an exciting round of mini golf to close out the party.

Party Pricing

>Up to 12 guests $249
>Up to 16 guests $299

>Maximum of guests for this party includes birthday child and kids of all ages that participate
>Pizza: $15 per 16” pizza &  $1.75 per topping
>Soft Drinks: Included in your package
>Tableware: Included in your package
>Laser Sword per party guest: Included in your package

Unlimited Arcade & Mini Golf Party

Are you scared to do an arcade party because of the massive amounts of tokens kids can go through in a minimal amount of time?  We know the feeling, ugh.  Arcade parties are just way too expensive…or are they?  At Fore! Family Fun our unlimited token party takes away all the worries!  You party will enjoy as many tokens as they can shove in the machines and your cost is always the same.

Each party will be accompanied by one of our friendly party hosts who is there to assist you at every turn.  Each child will receive as many game tokens as they can during your arcade time.  Children may win as many tickets as they can during time period but they will only be able to redeem a certain amount of tickets for prizes based on your party package.  All of the other tickets will be counted and your party guests will be enrolled in our annual ticket competition to earn fantastic prizes. After your unlimited ticket time you will head into their outer spaced themed restaurant for pizza* and cake.  Finally finish off your day with a round of golf in our 18 hole blacklight mini golf.

Party Pricing:
>$50 base party fee
>30 Minutes of Unlimited Arcade Package: $12 per party guest (150 ticket redemption max)
>60 Minutes of Unlimited Arcade Package: $16 per party guest (400 ticket redemption max)
>Pizza: $15 per 16” pizza and $1.75 per topping
>Soft Drinks: $1 per child w/purchase of pizza ($2 per child without pizza purchase)
>Cake Cutting Fee: $20 (fee waived with purchase of pizza or soft drinks)

*Please see “play” page for more details on ticket redemption max rules

Bounce Party

Don’t like to share? That’s why when you book a bounce party at Fore! Family Fun the bounce room and party room will be all yours.  Each bounce party will include a personal party attendant, 40 minutes of bounce time, 40 minutes in a private party room and a round of mini golf for each guest.   Please note you will only have use of your party room for 40 minutes.

Party Pricing

>Up to 12 guests $199
>Up to 16 guests $229
>Up to 20 guests $259
>Pizza: $15 per 16” pizza &  $1.75 per topping
>Soft Drinks: Included in your package
>Tableware: Included in your package
>$10 each additional child
>Birthday child and up to 2 children 3 & under do NOT count towards your total


Additional Options

>One lane of mini bowling $30 per hour
>Additional Party Attendant $40 (one already included with all packages)
>Under 100 tokens at $.25 per token
>Over 100 tokens at $.20 per token
>15 minutes of unlimited tokens & unlimited ticket redemption $6 per guest
>Extend party room time by 1 hr $75 (added party room time will start after bounce time)

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